" I would like to say that I love how you teach me amazing things while also being the most kind person in the world.Even though I have not known you for a long time you are one of my favorite people(that i like). Thanks for everything that you do for me and I know i will cherish these things in my life. "
Kabir Gilara
I absolutely loved the session and to be very honest this was one of those workshops where i was kind of interactive because i hardly speak otherwise. I got reflect on some of the very important feelings i have been neglecting for a long time now and i'm super grateful to you for this. Moreover, i finally got more motivated to write considering my hectic college schedule and i'll try to write more often now without procrastinating further. Yes, thank you so much and I can't wait to hear from you again!💜
The workshop was super fun and Sakshi made it so easy to be able to express ourselves and talk without restraint. It was such a fun experience and it made me feel like writing is indeed therapeutic and not some sort of homework that you have to force yourself to do! Looking forward to more such cosy and informative workshops.
I enjoyed this Workshop particularly because I like listening to people when they're not holding back cause of inhibitions. Though I did not participate and spoke, this workshop made me think about particular things and the exercises we did is something I would try myself when the need arises, which would be soon enough.
I loved the session so much and genuinely had fun after a very long time. I think it's been a while since I actually talked about my feelings and emotions. Writing truly helps you discover a different side of yourself and I think that's wonderful. Thank you so much Sakshi for this wonderful session. Hoping to attend more of these in future.
" Mam recognises the strength and weakness of the child and works on board. That makes her a special teacher."
Kirtida Karani
" I love Sakshi miss's class because she thought me in a really unique and different style and well whatever I dint know, a word, or I dint know how to do something she wouldn't exactly straight give me the answer. She will give me clues and let me discover it and she is really kind, encouraging and helpful ."
Naira Negandhi

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