Some of my favourite things begin with P!  

Pen, Pencils, Paper, and yes POETRY!  

Every time I have recited or read a poem, something memorable or magical has happened. The first time I recited “Hickory dickory dock” on stage, I lifted up my Mickey Mouse mask and let everyone see who I was instead of playing the role of Mickey Mouse. And my mother promised that she would never work hard to help me participate in fancy dress again. I will never forget that performance.

And it happened again! The next time, I recited a Hindi poem in Grade 2 on Mahatma Gandhi which my mother made me memorise. I didn’t win and I don’t remember hearing a lot of them clap but I remember having so much fun on stage and feeling a little embarrassed after. I have felt a little embarrassed after almost everything I have done or haven’t.

But whenever I have gone up on stage and recited that poem, I had so much fun doing it that I wanted to try again and again…

Shortly thereafter, in grade 4, I took part in poetry recitation in my new school. I picked Mr. Nobody to recite. But when I went up on stage, something memorable happened again.

I forgot all the words. All I could get myself to say was the first line of the last paragraph and I mumbled it twice until I realized that I couldn’t say anything any more. I looked at the children who stared at me eagerly as they waited for the words to stumble out of my mouth, and then there were my friends cheering me from one corner but I couldn’t remember another word. I looked at my teacher and she said it was OK to go back.


But that didn’t stop me. I got back up on my feet a year later and participated again and then again the year after that when I won the second prize in school for creating an advertising jingle in 9th grade.


I don’t think I had fun winning but the fun was going up on the stage, especially saying something that rhymed or I had made up. I loved poetry even when I didn’t know I loved poetry. When I grew older, poems became longer and nebulous and we had to find meanings with every line but yet there was something so much fun about reading and writing and singing a poem!

I love writing poetry from real life experiences. You can find some of my child hood and life stories in my books.

The “Snail’ Tale” poem in Rat-a-tat poems about the time when a rout of snails invaded my living room.

“Doodle” in Rat-a-tat poems  is about how much I love noodles.

“Capsule rule” iin Jalebi Jingles is about a time I faked a stomach ache just because I wanted to try a colourful fun looking medicine – the capsule!

“Jingling Jalebis” is a poem about the time I visited the halwai (Sweet Shop) as a little girl to buy Jalebis in Agra.

“Math Teacher” in “Jalebi Jingles” is about all my Math teachers and how strict they were.

“Pockibilities” in “Jalebi Jingles” is about how much I loved to have pockets as a child (Still do!).

“Mamma did it snow” in “If I Could Teach My Teacher” is about  the time when I was hoping, wishing and praying that it would snow.

“Tauji Ki Chuhiya”, my first story book is about a game my uncle and I played when I was a little girl.

I loved all poems but especially the ones that made me laugh.  I hope I can make you laugh with my poems.

Love, Sakshi

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