A children’s poetry book ! It’s about noodles and cakes and all the mess kids make. It’s about wishing and dreaming, smiling and screaming. It’s about creatures in the house like the cat, cockroach and mouse! 

Can a watch do yoga? Do jalebis jingle? Why are cabbies crabby?
Read about a whole bunch of funny things, new experiences, secrets and stories that are sweet and swirling, funny and twirling.

Raiit Mein Paanv (Feet In The Sand) is a bilingual poetry book . It focusses on the need  to save our earth and clean our planet in a fun and childlike way!

new book
Out of Print

This is about a game my uncle and I played when I was a little girl.



If I could Teach my Teacher Cover
Out Of Print

This book is full of Sakshi’s favourite things, such as words, puddles, ribbons, clouds, and a lot more and is a great way to introduce poetry to young children and have them learn to rhyme. 

Jalebi Jingles in French

Jalebi Jingles in Spanish

Jalebi Jingles in Braille

Books also available in Kahani Tree & Kitab Khana in Mumbai

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